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We helped many artists to where they could negotiate with Major Record Labels, some of whom got signed to big International deals. Others pursued Independent Music Careers, many of which had placements via TV / Film / Radio, etc and one gets played somewhere in the world Every Single Day; all this on the back of having built the ‘MySpace for Music in Britain’, the forerunner to Facebook, before Social Media Existed: which led to Consulting for BBC Strategy Executives, which in turn laid the conceptual foundations for the BBC Introducing Platform, bringing new artists to light, a passion we continue through this very site in the form of Virtual Artist Management or VAM for short per info below.

Package Fee Per Week % Income Share Comms
Basecamp £25 30% Msg
Assent £50 20% eMail/Msg
Peak £75 10% Meet/eMail/Msg
Only when inc above £250 p/m Msg inc Txt and WhatsApp, etc

NOTE: all of your Rights will remain yours on all the material you ‘Write’ and ‘Perform’ and we shall advise you on how to collect Royalties efficiently.

However, should you ever require assistance on arrangement or lyrics we shall take 5% share of the PPL & PRS income respectively at source gross, or via the equivalent Royalty Collecting Agencies.

Commission (Income Share) is on all your music-related income not just what VAM brings you directly, because lots of our work together shall be in ‘Building Your Profile’, which as well as helping us bring you better Work & Placements, will also help you secure more and better gigs and revenue-generating synchs, etc, both directly and indirectly – so commission payments are calculated monthly on gross income from all your music sales and music contracts including live fees – on everything but only once ongoing income from your music is above £250 p/m.

You are free to Cancel any time for any reason, so long as you advise first in writing and that notification is acknowledged, at which point no further weekly retainers will be due, however possibly some Agreed Monthly Commission will still be due but only on ongoing projects, which VAM secured for you Directly, where there are ‘Pipeline’ recurring Revenues or Royalties rolling forward as negotiated by VAM or VAM associates.

Should, through our work together you Sign to Major or Big Independent Music organisation/s such as Recording / Publishing / Management, either during or within six months of working together, we request just 1% of Gross Artist Income or related income such as Exploitation of Image or Assets in perpetuity or a sum agreed by said organisation. Our aim is to help you reach as high as your talent will take you and we shall not inhibit this process. Alternatively, you have the right to retain us as your Full Time Management on a new arrangement negotiated.

All of this is designed to provide an affordable artist-friendly-package, with access to industry expertise whilst having a ‘Duty of Care’ for the artist!

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